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Securitybyte / OWASP AppSec Asia Call For Papers,,网络安全教程Securitybyte / OWASP AppSec Asia Call For Papers,

The Security Byte and OWASP AppSec Asia conference call for papers has been announced. It will be held November 17th through the 20th, 2009 in New Delhi.

,Securitybyte & OWASP AppSec Asia Conference is a forum where Ethical Hackers, Practitioners, Researchers, and Developers in Information Security field, gathers to showcase and exchange new Researches, Innovations, Practical ideas and Experiences. If you are developing, researching, or implementing practical solutions to protect Corporate or Government Information Infrastructures, please consider sharing your experience and expertise at this conference.

First round of CFP submission is July 30th, 2009.
Send your interest and submissions to

For any Speaking query, please contact us at

We are seeking submissions for both Two days Conference Track & Post conference two days Training workshops in the following areas:

Conference Tracks (17 – 18 Nov, 2009)
You can submit your response for any the following three conference tracks

* CT 1 - Application, Database & Web Security
* CT 2 - Infrastructure Security (Network / Wireless/ Bluetooth / Malware / Forensics / Cyber- terrorism / Physical Security / Information warfare etc.)
* CT 3 - Risk Management / Compliance

Session will have to be delivered in any one of the following Session format for Conference talks:

* Coldfire Sessions (60 Minutes): These sessions are primarily core technical talks and will cover the following categories:
o Zer0 Days / Original Security Research
o Application and Database Security (All Technologies)
o Cyber Terrorism / Critical Infrastructure Issues
o Incidence Response and Defeating Incidence Response
o Electronic Device Security (Cell Phones / PDA’s etc..)
o Infrastructure Security (Wireless, Bluetooth, OS, Device etc)
o Browser Security
o Regulations (PCI, SoX 404, Clause 49 , ISO etc.)

* Rapidfire Sessions (30 Minutes): These sessions are focused around Information Security Management issues that will be addressed through:
o Business Case
o Panel Talk / Open Discussion with more than one speaker
o Upto speed (Old attack vector, new attack technique)

Please provide the following details with your submission:

* Name, title, address, email and phone/contact number
* Session Track (Developer / Application Security or Infrastructure Security or Risk Management)
* Session Format (Coldfire or Rapidfire)
* Short biography, photo, qualification, occupation, achievement and affiliations (limit 250 words).
* Summary or abstract for your presentation (limit 1250 words)
* Technical requirements (video, internet, wireless, audio, etc.)
* References (Contact name, title, email address of two conferences you have spoken at or comparable references)



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